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Robert Olley AKA Bob

Born in Yeovil Somerset, Bob moved to London with his family in his teens. He left his secondary school without qualifications, to be an apprentice for lead sheet roofing work. His mentor was so impressed with his drawings that he encouraged him to return to college to study Art. Unfortunately, although accepted he did not qualify for any grant and after only one lesson was decided to leave because of lack of money. However, although this was a major setback Bob found he could continue working on his art in the afternoons and pay for his keep by working as an early morning window cleaner. During this period Bob was often commissioned to paint copies of the old classics, amongst them were John Constable’s “Flatford Mill” and Lady Butler’s “Scotland Forever!”. He also created his first Surrealist paintings very much influenced by Dali and in 1979 he had his first exhibition of surrealist art. During this period he also created the most amazing intricate miniature sculpted scenes influenced by Hieronymus Bosch, unfortunately due to their delicate nature none have survived the years or house moves since then.
In 1980 his sculpting talent led him to be employed by Games Workshop where he became a miniature figurine sculptor making creatures from the world of Fantasy, he went on to work for other companies in the gaming world including Ral Partha in the USA and he continues to work for various companies as a freelance sculptor to the present day.
After a number of years without painting on canvas Bob returned to his love of oil painting in 2012, and although interrupted by two house moves since then Bob now lives in Cornwall with his family, and continues to paint for his own personal pleasure. He likes to use his art to communicate and often uses surrealism as the tool to do so, it allows him enough freedom to express his ideas, thoughts and feelings.
His influences are Dali, Picasso, Van Gogh, and he also enjoys the work of Todd Schorr and Hieronymus Bosch

bob olley painting at his easel

Bob in his studio at his easel painting 2018

James Olley

Born in Taunton Somerset, James’s interest in drawing started at a young age, he was constantly creating whatever captivated his imagination; usually it was films and video games and for fun drawing caricatures of grumpy maths teachers during a long lesson.
He went on to study for his level 4 diploma in art & design in 2013 at Somerset college of art & technology, where he achieved a distinction grade and won an award for the excellence of his work by Taunton decorative & Fine Arts society. He was greatly inspired when he was younger by his father’s work in surreal art and his active role in the world of Miniature figurine modelling, this same industry is where James. Olley first began his professional work staring up JAO Design; He produced designs for wargame character concepts and in addition produced Illustrations for various wargame rule books.
He worked as a freelance artist with companies such as Gorilla board games as the lead artist, Antimatter games, Forlorn hope games and many others ,he has most recently been an Illustrator & Concept artist for 5/93 Illuminati, and has predominately worked on the film trilogy called the little poet king.
James is currently developing his own personal exploration into surreal art.
His professional work can be seen at the Olley’s armies’ websites concept art page, and you can contact him at this email address: james@olleyart.co.uk


James at his computer painting on a wacom pad in his studio 2018

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